5 Things You Can’t Do Faster Than Install Temptrol Rapid Install

Posted 03/02/2020

By: Kelly Freeman

To understand just how fast the Temptrol Rapid Install makes installing shower valves, here are five things you can’t do faster than install a Temptrol shower valve.

How Can Temptrol Rapid Install Be So Fast?

After listening to our customers, we added the following time-saving features to our legendary Temptrol valve

  • Rapid Install Bracket eliminates the need to measure rough-in depth
  • Rapid Install Bracket available factory installed
  • Save more time with factory installed fittings

Studies show installing one Temptrol Rapid Install should take you less than ten minutes.

Start working faster and easier with Temptrol Rapid Install. Click here to learn more about how Temptrol Rapid Install can save you time and money.

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