Common Misconceptions About the Value of Interior Designers

Posted 08/14/2017


Interior designers bring significant yet often overlooked value to commercial design projects. Beyond creating an aesthetically pleasing space, interior designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will make any build or remodel project successful. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions about interior designers.

Myths About the Interior Designer's Value

They're "pillow pickers."

Commonly mistaken for the more surface-level interior decorator or "pillow pickers," an interior designer's day-to-day operations are far from routine or glamorous. There are many challenges designers encounter -- and have to solve for -- before construction even begins. For example, interior designers have to work through budget constraints, unrealistic expectations, and the state of the existing building for renovation scenarios. Despite these challenges, interior designers always find a way to make their client happy, while keeping projects on budget and on schedule.

What do they know about health and safety?

A common misconception is that designers' involvement is simply from a visual perspective. However, the best interior designers come to the job armed with in-depth knowledge of health and safety protocols and requirements. For example, their design and layout choices impact: 

  • Compliance with regulations for emergency evacuations
  • Safety by choosing finishes and materials that adhere to fire ratings or prevent residents or guests from infection
  • Lighting to ensure that residents or guests can get around the building safely

They can do anything on a shoestring budget. 

Another common dilemma interior designers face are the unrealistic budgets some TV series portray. On TV, production companies typically take on the labor and associated costs for these shows. In the end, expenses typically only include materials. In real life, interior design professionals pride themselves on the ability to meet strict budget deadlines and make recommendations on how to achieve the look without breaking the bank. They work closely with clients to make sure that all purchases and design choices add to the project's bottom line. 

They always go with the trends.

While it's tempting to jump on each trend as it emerges, designers we surveyed noted the importance of ensuring design elements would stand the test of time while still feeling modern, especially when it comes to Hospitality and Multifamily projects. One trend these professionals have adopted is a shift from the open concept living spaces in Multifamily buildings to embracing the beauty of having separate spaces. Additional styles one might see in more projects include the revival of mid-century modern styles.

Add value to your next Hospitality or Multifamily interior design project not only with these debunked myths, but also with bath and kitchen faucets that are built to last, designed to help you stand out, and backed by a customer-first culture. Want to really impress your client? Partner with Symmons Design Studio professionals to bring your ideas for one-of-a-kind kitchen and bathroom fixture suites to life. 

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