Multifamily Laundry Facilities: Bringing Beauty and Functionality to the Space

Posted 08/27/2019

By: Symmons Industries

multifamily laundry facilities

To provide extra amenities to tenants, many multifamily buildings will have a community laundry room that everyone can use. A separate laundry room helps to decrease water and electrical usage in the building, as you don’t have to place a washer and dryer into each rental space. Tenants can take turns using the available washers and dryers.

Unlike tenant spaces, laundry rooms can feel cramped and unwelcoming for tenants who need to get their work clothes and daily wear washed. Make the room more inviting by adding wash basins and faucets that allow tenants to rinse out clothes and pretreat stains before tossing them into the washer. Here are several ways to make the laundry room into a space that tenants will be eager to use.

Basins to Hand Wash Delicates

A necessary feature for a laundry room, besides the washer and dryer, is the washbasin. The washbasin allows tenants to rinse out and pretreat stains before placing the clothing into the washer. It also allows tenants to wash delicate clothing that may need to be hand-washed. A basin can come in different depths, such as a shallow basin or deep basin, based on its function and the available space in the laundry room. They are typically made of solid surfacing, stainless steel, or cast iron.

Shallow Basins

Shallow basins are perfect when cleaning smaller items such as undergarments, pantyhose, ties, and other items. A tenant can soak the item or lay it flat as the water penetrates the fabric. The basin may be freestanding, wall-mounted or dropped into a cabinet.  A shallow basin can be equipped with a faucet with a lower profile that provides a steady and gentle stream of water to wash clothing made of delicate fabrics such as chiffon or lace.

The Origins Single Handle Centerset Faucet has a lower profile that is angled so clothing can be gently scrubbed clean.

Deep Basins

Deep basins are another option for multifamily laundry rooms. These basins can be from 10-inches to 25-inches deep and feature a scrub board feature incorporated into the front or side of the inner basin wall. A deep basin can accommodate large linens such as drapes and bulky bedroom comforters. A faucet with a high arc provides plenty of extra space to place blankets or comforters into the basin without the spout getting caught on the edges of the fabric.

Dia Single Handle Faucet has a 7 5/16″ height with an angled aerator so the water is directed to the stains on clothing.

Faucets to Tackle the Tough Stains

The tough stains can be frustrating for tenants to clean. Having the right laundry faucet can make a difference. Certain faucets allow a tenant to direct the water in different places, while others with pull-down features provide a steady stream of water to get up close to the stained clothing.

Laundry Swing Spouts

A laundry swing spout has a movable spout that can be swung about. This feature allows a tenant to direct the water to different places without having to move the clothing about toward the water. This set up is ideal for bulky clothing which can become heavy and difficult to move when wet, as instead, you move the water toward the stains.

Symmetrix Laundry Sink Faucet

The Symmetrix Two Handle Laundry Faucet has two water controls to allow tenants to pre-treat stains based on the necessary temperature settings.

Pull Down Faucets

When you aren’t looking for a swingable faucet spout, consider a pull-down faucet for the multifamily laundry facilities. Pull-down faucets come in various styles with stretchable hoses and sleek features. They may also come with adjustable spray functions where the tenant can use a gentle stream of water or a more forceful pressure to get out the tough stains.

The Dia Spring Pull Down Faucet provides a more utilitarian, sleek style as the flexible hose can stretch out and get up close to stained clothing.

The Sereno Single Handle Pull Down Faucet has a pull-down spout with 2 water functions to select the right pressure when rinsing out clothing.

Automatic Washing Machine Valves

The correct installation of washing machines will play an important aspect in providing a fully functional laundry facility for tenants. An automatic washing machine valve, such as the Laundry-Mate ® supply and drain fixture, is an in-wall feature used to reduce the likelihood of supply hose bursts during cold temperatures when the washing machine is not in use. It comes with a brass sump pan to catch drain water overflow.

If you have a community laundry room, it can feel cramped and unwelcoming with no place to pre-treat stains or fold laundry. Install washbasins, faucets, and valves to provide a multifamily laundry facility that offers both beauty and functionality. To improve your laundry amenities, be sure to reach out to the Symmons Multifamily team to get ideas that will attract and retain tenants.



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