What We Learned From Plumbers at The Granite Group Trade Show in CT

Posted 10/15/2019

By: Symmons Industries

Source: The Granite Group

The Symmons team had the privilege of exhibiting at the Granite Group trade show in Groton, CT on Thursday, October 10, 2019. Hundreds of professionals attended to learn more about Granite Group’s vendor partners. Plumbers had the chance to learn more about new Symmons products, including Temptrol Rapid Install™.

During the show, Symmons had the opportunity to survey plumbers. We wanted to know, “What is the most important aspect of a shower valve to you?” Here’s what the plumbers we surveyed said:

What is the most important aspect of a shower valve to you?

These findings reinforce that the Temptrol® valve continues to deliver on plumbers’ needs and wants for shower valves.

High Quality. Temptrol® is the highest quality shower valve on the market, featuring a high-quality all-metal construction using semi-red brass, bronze, and stainless steel.

Easy to Service. Temptrol® can be serviced and re-trimmed from in front of the shower wall—no need to break up surrounding tile. When the valve is installed using the Rapid Install™ bracket, it creates a stable installation, particularly when using non-rigid supply lines allowing you to go back and service the valve without fear of damaging the lines. The new Universal Seat Removal Tool also has everything you need to remove the seats and stops.

Made in America. Every Temptrol® valve is made in our Braintree, MA manufacturing facility and has been made this way for over 50 years. Each Temptrol® valve is pressure- and water-tested before it leaves our manufacturing plant, so you know it will work when it arrives on your job site.

Easy and Fast to Install. Temptrol Rapid Install™ drastically reduces installation time by:

  • Coming with the Rapid Install bracket factory installed (optional). Simply attach the included straps to the bracket and studs, and your installation is complete.
  • Allowing the option to factory-install connections to the valve, including CVPC, PEX cold expansion, PEX crimp, and ProPress.
  • Providing the option to factory-install a test cap in place of the flow control spindle for system testing during the installation.
  • Including stringer mounts built into the valve body.

These time-saving features can shorten your installation time by up to 67%!

Warranty. Every Symmons product carries a warranty of 5 years in a non-residential/commercial application and lifetime in a home.

We are grateful to the plumbers who took the time to share their thoughts with us last week. If you will be installing shower valves soon, be sure to try the Temptrol Rapid Install™ valve to save time at the job site.

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