Revamping Patient Rooms to Improve Health and Comfort in Medical Settings

Posted 07/16/2019

By: Symmons Industries

Medical treatments are provided in a number of healthcare settings. For some people, they can see their regular doctor or go to a clinic to get a simple outpatient treatment before leaving. However, other patients need inpatient treatments that may require them to stay in the hospital or another care facility for longer periods of time before being discharged.

When revamping in-patient rooms, make them both relaxing and stress-free for patients to help speed up the recovery process whether they are just there for the day or for several days. Redesigning the plumbing fixtures and accessories is a simple way to increase the comfort level while ensuring a healthy setting.

Hands-Free Fixtures to Reduce the Spread of Sickness

With the number of people moving in and out of patient rooms on a daily basis, it becomes paramount for healthcare facilities to look for ways to reduce the spread of bacteria to medical professionals and visitors. While hand sanitizer stations are common staples to see in every room, hallway, and waiting room, they are easy to overlook.

Hands-free faucets in common bathroom and in-patient rooms can become an excellent form of defense against the spread of germs. Sensor faucets come in streamlined designs to accommodate crowded sink areas and counters and are available in eye-pleasing finishes, such as Polished Chrome. Sensors can be battery-powered or AC-powered, depending on your preferences and needs.

The Symmons Ultra-Sense® Sensor Faucet turns on with the wave of a hand, preventing sick patients from leaving germs on the faucet’s surface.

Comfortable Showers for Overnight and Long-Term Stay Patients

Patients can stay overnight for several reasons, such as being under observation before being released. Younger patients oftentimes have a family member staying with them in the patient’s room. Providing in-room access to a soothing and safe shower promotes wellness for both patients and their guests.

For rooms that feature spacious bathroom spaces, consider adding a combination shower and hand shower system in interesting finishes, such as a warm Satin Nickel. Decorative finishes can break up the typical utilitarian designs found in healthcare settings to bring in more beauty and unique colors, as well as the familiarity of home.

The Elm Tub/Shower/Handshower System in a Satin Nickel finish offers a 3-mode hand shower and 5-mode shower so guests can obtain the right water spray to relax tense muscles.

ADA and Assist Options for Recovering Patients

After surgery procedures and treatments, it can be difficult to move, bend, and turn about. The problems can also be worsened for people who already have some type of disability or mobility issue. To assist patients with mobility issues, ADA compliant hand showers along with grab bars and shower seats in bathroom spaces are ideal choices. Be sure to consider your regions specific installation and weight support requirements, as these requirements vary across the U.S.

When installing towel bars and robe hooks, consider the height of the patients and how they may be stooped down or holding onto the wall to steady themselves. So you want a towel bar and robe hook low enough for them to use efficiently. Also, provide shower seating so patients can wash up without standing.

The Dia® Shower/Hand Shower System can allow patients to feel independent when they are experiencing mobility issues after treatment.

Shower Systems for Temperature-Sensitive Patients

After treatment or taking certain medications, patients may feel extra sensitive to warm and cold environments. This sensitivity can make it extremely hard for them to simply wash their hands or bodies. It’s difficult to predict the temperature when first turning on the water, as patients can spend more time adjusting the faucets, as water is wasted down the drain.

Visual temperature showers and hand shower systems help patients, caregivers, and nurses to check the water temperature before the person steps into the shower. A built-in thermometer is located above the metal handle as a person can simply turn the handle until the right temperature is reached.

The Visu-Temp Shower/Hand Shower System allows sensitive patients to get the right temperature settings before stepping into the shower due to the built-in thermometer.

As health clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities seek to upgrade their facilities to make them more modern, take into consideration a new design for inpatient rooms. Creating a functional space with plumbing fixtures and accessories optimized for healthcare settings allows patients and guests to feel comfortable during their stay.

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