Dressing Up Small Multifamily Bathrooms: Making the Most Out of Limited Space

Posted 07/11/2019

By: Symmons Industries

how to enhance small bathroom space in multifamily

In the beginning of 2018, multifamily home construction rose to 14.4 percent in March, outpacing predicted forecasts as more working professionals sought apartment options in a range of locations. For densely populated urban areas, developers are challenged to provide more apartment units on lots to increase revenue and unit availability. To deal with the limited square footage, certain apartment features, such as bathrooms, are oftentimes downsized.

A small bathroom can be off-putting for some tenants who are looking for spacious accommodations. By dressing up the smaller space, you can introduce comfort and elegance into the bathroom that tenants will still love and enjoy its smart functionality.

Floor Plan Considerations

A smart floor plan can make small bathrooms feel more spacious while providing all the necessary elements. To optimize floor space, consider placing a compact elongated toilet in the far corner instead of near the door. You may also decide to forego the conventional sink cabinet and instead opt for a sleeker pedestal sink with soap dishes and towel racks within easy reach. Then you can place a tall storage cabinet across from the corner toilet that can hold spare towels, toiletries, and other items.

The Dia® Soap Dish in a Polished Chrome finish helps to clear valuable sink counter space while adding a touch of elegance to a small bathroom space.

Shower and Tub Design Choices

Deciding between having a shower or tub in a small multifamily bathroom can be stressful for property owners. If trying to conserve water and cater to younger working professionals or college students, showers typically use only 10 to 25 gallons of water for a five-minute rinse versus a tub that uses about 70 gallons when filled to the top. However, not every tenant just wants to take a shower.

Older retirees and families with small children often prefer tubs or shower/tub combinations to let the kids splash around in or to soak away aches and pains. Consider the types of renters that you attract to your multifamily building. Then select the right shower or tub design based on their preferences. If you only provide student housing options, a shower-only setup may be more ideal. Meanwhile, a small combination shower and tub with a tub/shower/hand shower system can cater to small families who have varying bathing needs.

The Elm® Tub/Shower/Hand Shower System offers a regular shower fixture for people in a hurry, a hand shower to massage the body, and a tub fixture for kids who love to splash around in the water.

Impressive Sink Designs

Sink spaces are a key focal piece of any bathroom space. Sinks experience heavy use as people get ready in the mornings and before going to bed. Making sinks the main attraction in a small bathroom can help you appeal in tenants who are looking for both a functional and trendy space. There is a vast selection of sink designs available for small spaces:

  • Pedestal and wall-mounted sinks are ultimate space savers as they don’t have counters surrounding them. People can move more freely in tight spaces.
  • Framed sinks, under-mount sinks, and surface-mounted sinks are placed into vanity countertops with the plumbing hidden underneath. Then the countertop is framed with a cabinet that can have doors or shelves for storage.
  • Vessel sinks have become trendy alternatives for higher-end apartments, as the basin sits on top of the vanity countertop. The design choices for vessel sinks are limitless, and the basins can look like works of art. Also, you can either have under-sink storage or even small stools that tenants can pull out.

Design Studio™ Creations Single Handle Lavatory Faucet has a sleek design and simple functions as it can be paired with a vessel sink design to provide more vanity space.

Small bathroom designs should not detract from the beauty or functionality of multifamily rental units. Instead, this room can optimize limited space while the customized designs and multiple features can attract a range of tenants. If you are looking for more small multifamily bathroom design ideas, contact a Symmons Multifamily expert today.




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