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Multigenerational Home Renovations: Making the Right Place for Everyone

Posted 11/01/2018

When it comes to new home trends, multigenerational renovations dominate the market. Homes now accommodate parents, children, grandparents, aunts, and relatives under one roof.


The Best Plumbing Products to Earn LEED Water Efficiency Credits

Posted 10/19/2018

According to a report released by Colorado WaterWise, an average of 120 gallons of water are used in a luxury hotel room per day. As such, there are significant opportunities for water efficiency..


Health and Wellness: 4 Amenities That Will Keep Hotel Guests Healthy and Happy

Posted 09/27/2018

There is an increased emphasis on health and wellness that doesn't stop simply when a traveler must leave the comfort of their normal routine.


What Apartment Amenities Do Renters Want in a Multifamily?

Posted 05/10/2018

How do you design a Multifamily property that attracts renters, signs leases, and minimizes vacancies? Leave no detail overlooked when you include the following apartment amenities.


Designed to Stand Out: 3 Perks of Going Custom

Posted 05/03/2018

If your new construction or renovation project has tough plumbing and/or design challenges to solve for, going custom for your plumbing fixtures and accessories may be the smartand sometimes the.


What "Bleisure" (Business and Leisure) Travelers Want in a Hotel Guest Room

Posted 04/12/2018

One noteworthy trend in the Hospitality industry is the rise of "bleisure" stays, the mixing of business and leisure. Rather than hurrying to get through quick business trips, these days many.


4 Amenity Ideas That Will Attract Millennials to Your Hotel

Posted 03/12/2018

It's an indisputable fact: millennials love to travel. According to U.S. News & World Report


Brushed Bronze Design Inspiration for Your Hotel Projects

Posted 03/01/2018

If you're looking for an attractive and refined statement piece for your next hotel renovation or construction project, check out our Brushed Bronze finish. It provides a warm glow and charming.


3 Advantages of Going Custom with Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

Posted 01/30/2018

The guest experience is one of the most crucial factors in the success your Hospitality client's property. Give your client a distinct advantage for delivering a positive guest experience by.


4 Movements to Look for in 2018 Commercial Property Design

Posted 01/23/2018

Symmons Design Consultant Jill Sampson Decker has helped numerous commercial property clients stay ahead of commercial design trends even as they maneuver challenging plumbing decisions. Here are.

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